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A To-Go of good
quality protein
and calcium
Bon Yurt
From Cereal to Cookies, enjoy the perfect combination of a dairy base with different toppings, at any time of the day. It's not only its delicious flavor, is the whole experience of naturally providing good quality protein and calcium to your body.
Bon yourt Alpina
Bon yurt Alpina Cookie zucaritas zucaritas vaso
Arequipe Alpina
Dulce de leche
The traditional recipe everyone loves! Enjoy a soft and sweet texture which contains carbs that provide energy, necessary to perform all daily activities.
arequipe alpina cuchara arequipe  alpina
for your
Baby Gü
Made with natural ingredients, no preservatives and no added sugar; Baby Gü is the complementary food to help your children discover their favorite fruit flavours.
Compota Alpina
compota Pera USA pera Alpina

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